6 Intimate must haves for 2019

Happy National Women’s day!

As a celebration of ladies all over the world we made a list of the 6 must have styles for your intimates drawer.

As you all know we are knee deep in cold at this moment in time and it is difficult to remember the feeling of sun on your skin, but keeping in mind that summer is indeed just around the corner it is time that we prepare for the summer of 2019!!

  1. Cotton Briefs


These babies are a typical high waisted undie with full butt cheek coverage.

As the years pass woman starts to strive for comfort more and worry less about how sexy something looks even though it is uncomfortable.

As the name suggests these briefs mostly consists of cotton or natural fabrics, they are also very popular in other breathable fabrics and soft lace materials.

  1. Soft Cup


This is definitely one of the most diverse styles out there in the shops at the moment as the soft cup can typically be “dressed” up or down. The styles range from different designs such as, lace inlays, bold printed fabrics or a more sporty and basic design with nude materials. In terms of comfort this may be on top of my list as it does give shape to the breast without pushing it in a certain unnatural form as we typically see with a push up/ wired bra.

  1. Bold colours and prints


As we can see all over social media underwear has become outerwear and makes quite the fashion statement, especially with its bold colours and different prints. The bolder the better one can say, finishing off your look this summer with a bold soft cup bra will definitely make some heads turn.

  1. High leg


Constrictive, unflattering underwear is very much part of history with all the new and improved styles. The high leg pantie can be designed in different styles such as a full coverage, tanga style or G-string. The waistband lays just beneath the belly button or covering half of the belly button, with a high cut around the legs instead of a full brief that covers the entire butt, hip and tummy area. This is a particular flattering design and therefore, understandably popular. Who can say no to looking leaner and taller with only a different pantie cut?

  1. Ultra-Feminine


Ultra-Feminine practically describes a beautiful delicate lace piece with nothing but the softest and most delicate materials in soft pastel colours. You can also wear this in a very bold colour or more sensual colours such as deep purple, royal blue, black or a deep wine red. These are also known as bralette and it may fall under a soft cup category depending on the design. They are perfect for everyday wear and can also be worn as an accessory.

  1. Strappy Bras


Very much like the ultra-feminine pieces the strappy bra can also be worn as an accessory with low cut shirts and adds to the tease. These are typically bras for the ladies who likes a more dominant design and look with dark colours and straps covering the chest and back area. We can definitely categorize these under the more lust-worthy pieces and are great if you are looking for something with a bold statement.

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